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Dream Log: 2012 Feb 30th

Dreamed I was flying by using pillows as floatation devices. Didn’t get very far because the angels caught up with me and put me in the playpen with the elephant, because there was a tax on night flying, or flying at night, or something. To that I said “That’s not very exotic, isn’t it?” and refused to drink any of the wine they gave me. I asked for my pillows back, because they knew I was going to use them to run away. Finally I made them fall to sleep by looking into the mirror, and seeing the face of a 12-year-old boy. I got as far as the other side of the room on the other side, but I woke up when I saw the mincing machine.

This one was written for a writing prompt where we had to include all the words chosen by a word association game.

Inception Log: 2012 Feb 31st

At 8:00 hours it was confirmed that the subject SG was incepted with the desired nightmare. The team decided that a type-3 forced empathy nightmare (one in which their perspective is switched with that of an enemy) would be most effective, given the subject’s personality type.

Hence, SG dreamed he was in fact one ‘RE’, and will henceforth be referred to as ‘RE’. In the dream, RE was innocently looking for a printer on which he could play Fruit Ninja, only to find that SG was blocking the entire corridor just by standing there. RE, who became agitated at this point, said something about free speech.

“Do you even know if that’s allowed?” said SG. “I’ll bet you don’t”

At this point RE burned with hatred for the stout bald prick who stood in front of him, and tried to melt his face by taking pictures with his camera-phone. But it didn’t work. SG threw him on the floor in one aggressive movement, and said “I know your name. Now give me your student card. Don’t you know this is private property?”

He then added with a sneer of his gravelly voice: “You don’t ever challenge authority, because you don’t ever win.”

This is for one where we wrote a nightmare for our worst enemy. I don’t have many enemies, so I wrote that for a security guard who I once got into an argument with.

Dream Architecture: The Rainbow Train

At last he finds himself in an enormous Underground train. But it’s okay, he’s been here before, so long ago… He still remembers how it travels through a tunnel of brightly coloured segments. They are joined together without gaps, in no particular order – red, green, pink, yellow, red, blue, white, orange, pink. The tunnel goes on forever. It’s a happy place. His mother is driving the train, and his friends are on one of the other carriages, if he could find them. The train’s been going along for hours, but the next station could be in any minute.

No one knows why the train is stopping now. But it stops very fast, silently shedding tens of miles per hour every second. For some reason this flings the dreamer in the air. This was not expected. The train disappears. And then in an instant of flashing colour he realises: what it all means.

This was part of a group piece, where we each wrote one layer of a Inception-style reality.


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