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My friend’s band. From left to right: Paul Murray, Jess Rubio and Liam Rickard.

Drawing them while they’re playing was difficult as they kept switching instruments.


Self portrait of a Little Boy

Who’s this kid? He looks familiar.

Creepy Forest. Not what I was going for, but I inverted it by accident and liked the effect.

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Ballpoint pens are really fun to draw with, even though they only come in four colors, black, blue, red and green.

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Paint Palette 1

The piece of paper I used as a paint palette during GCSE and A-level. I put no effort into making this, apart from little subconscious decisions to put colours next to each other. Has a really nice bumpy texture.

One of the best landscapes I ever saw, from a brief moment four years ago, recalled from faint memories and Google Earth screenshots. Colors may be exaggerated.

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